For people who are looking to build confidence and creativity, ARTBEAT offers Individual Needs Workshops where you work exclusively with Harriet and Deb on the dance floor.

Our 6-week workshop is a custom-made class for those who are looking to expand their mind-body connection, and explore movement intuitively within a supportive environment. After an initial consultation with Harriet and Deb, students will be able to dance every week in a private class that has been tailored to their individual goals and requirements.

Individual Needs Workshops are an incredibly fun and dynamic way to develop a dance practice that cultivates resilience, joyfulness, confidence, and general well-being on and off the dance floor. We believe that dance is a language we all speak, and through regular practice inspires a more creative and happier life!

Our workshops are perfect for people from all walks of life, with all types of abilities. 

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Individual Needs Workshops

6-week program: (includes initial consultation + 6 individualised workshops)

12-week program: (includes initial consultation + 12 individualised workshops)

Ongoing individual workshops are also available


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