Is ARTBEAT really for everybody?

YES provided you are over 16 years of age and are able to follow the ARTBEAT principals.

ARTBEAT is for everybody and Every Body. We welcome people of all abilities, ages (16+) and backgrounds. People with mobility support (wheelchairs, walking frames etc) are absolutely welcome, and carers dance for free. Please feel free to get in contact if you have any specific questions or concerns, or check out our notes on access.

Why do you need to be over 16 years to participate?

We notice that with children on the dance floor adults will often moderate their behaviour in an effort to keep children safe. Obviously we want ARTBEAT to be a safe and supportive space for everyone - but having children in the room does create a different dynamic that may hinder some people's sense of freedom. If you are, or your child is, under 16years and are interested in participating in ARTBEAT we'd love to hear from you - please contact us.

What should I wear to ARTBEAT?

  • comfy sneakers - or you can dance barefoot if you like.

  • cool + stretchy clothes ie: shorts, tights, singlet etc.

What should I bring to ARTBEAT?

  • small handtowel

  • water bottle

  • change of shirt for end of class

  • $20 cash (or we also have eftpos)

What kind of music gets played at ARTBEAT?

All types! An ARTBEAT playlist will include a variety of songs ranging from hip-hop, pop, trance, gypsy, country, r'nb… you name it!

Basically everybody loves different types of music, and so we take that into account, all this while taking you on a dance-journey that starts off slow, peaks in the middle and comes back down again.

Why can't I make a playlist?

The ARTBEAT playlists are carefully put together by Deb and Harriet to reflect an emotional arc - starting slow, gearing up to a peak, dropping to a cool down and ending with space to stretch and reflect. Every single piece of music that makes up the playlist is considered and carefully placed in a very specific order. There are songs that we call ’toes songs’ that make you want to dance up high, and songs we call ‘flat foot songs’ that make you want to dance down low. We make sure that there is a wide range of musical styles and genre’s that will suit all different types of tastes. We have had years of experimentation, conversation, and dance practice that has allowed us to develop the skills to create our playlists, and would never expect our participants to have to put that much time and effort into something so complex! If there is a specific song you would like to dance to please let us know! We can try to incorporate it into the next play list.

Will I get told what to do at ARTBEAT?

At the beginning of each class Harriet + Deb will explain what to expect, which is basically to dance however you want, and at the end the teachers will lead a short, relaxing warm down.

Do I have to be a good dancer to participate in ARTBEAT?

No! Absolutely no previous dance training is needed to dance at ARTBEAT. We all dance differently. You need to be able to set your own pace (so you don't get too exhausted), and be able to sustain an interest in dancing for 1.5hrs.

Do carers have to dance at ARTBEAT?

Carers can either participate (for free) in the ARTBEAT class, or if they don't want to dance, we ask that carers wait outside the hall (or there are many cafes nearby) until the class is over. If you're in the ARTBEAT hall - you have to join in.


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