YES ARTBEAT is for every body, but it may not be for everyone.

We strive to make the experience as accessible as possible, but there are two specific ARTBEAT principals that may be challenging for some people.

1) Participants must be able to hold an interest in dancing for 1.5 hours. Of course you are welcome to rest as much as you need to, but please return to the dance floor when you are ready.

2) Participants are asked to respect the other dancers' experience by not talking to, touching, staring at or trying to dance with others while ARTBEAT is in session. (This does not include the assistance of carers).

If you feel you would be unable to adhere to these two principals, then unfortunately ARTBEAT might not be for you.

Further access points:

- The ARTBEAT dance hall is wheelchair accessible.

- At ARTBEAT we play our music quite loud - this assists us to better block out outside noise, as well as the chatter in our own heads! For those sensitive to loud music, please consider bringing headphones. We also have disposable earplugs available if needed.

- There is also a quiet space available if you feel you need to take a break.

- At the end of ARTBEAT we run a 15minute relaxation and stretching exercise. This includes an essential oil head massage. If you prefer not to be touched, or if you are sensitive to scents, that is absolutely fine! Just let us know.

-  Carers are absolutely welcome! However if you are on the dance floor, you are expected to dance, and carer’s dance for free! Otherwise, you are welcome to wait outside, or there are lots of coffee shops and restaurants near by.

- There are chairs available in the hall, for those who may need to dance while seated.

- There is plenty of room to store wheelchairs and walking aids, or of course you can to keep these with you on the dance floor if you prefer.

It is our aim to make ARTBEAT as accessible to all people as possible. If you have a specific access requirement that we haven’t covered, please send us an email - we’d love to hear from you.  And, if you are unsure if ARTBEAT is for you, but you are still interested in reaping the benefits of free-form dance, you could consider our individual needs classes.


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